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MedEdicus CME APP

MedEdicus CME APP Project Overview: MedEdicus develops and implements global continuing medical education (CME) and disease awareness programs for specialty health care providers (HCPs) and practice managers. The company wished to take the programs that were currently online and repurpose them into an APP that would extend the course audience and make it available via mobile device. Defining the User Flow Remapping the online courses for APP workspace A successful online process provided a solid base for mapping the flow for this medium. Applying mobile best practice and methodology to a...

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AIPLA Large Scale Meeting

AIPLA Large Scale Meeting On Site & Virtual Project Overview: AIPLA is an innovator, powerful advocate, and visible​ global leader in intellectual property law through their commitment to education, outreach, member service, and advocacy. They host 3 large scale national meetings per year in cities across the country. I was tasked with the visual presentation from logo concept through meeting materials and onsite booth graphics and signage. Sample Creative Booth Graphics Meeting Program Materials Pre-Meeting Advertising Program at a Glance ...

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K-Y Brand Website Redesign Project Overview: The task on this project was to take the current online presence and transform it to bring forward more of the brand voice in playful, targeted manner with a more human/lifestyle vibe. This brand skews more towards women, but also must include men and the goal was to focus on getting users to join in on the conversation of sex and make themselves heard instead of shying away from what has been a “taboo” topic as well as driving sales. Wires > Visual Challenge: This project had two distinct clients with two very different priorities....

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Ralph Hernandez

Associate Director, Digital at Revolution Digital Jennifer is an extremely dedicated and talented hybrid designer. She makes things happen and can quickly come up with creative solutions. Jennifer is a wealth of knowledge in her field and has a positive attitude for any project that comes her way. Her attention to detail is exceptional and she really understands her clients needs. I was very privileged to work with Jennifer. I’m happy to say that I was able to learn a lot from her in the time that we were colleagues. Jennifer would be a huge asset to any company.

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Jason Lanza

Senior Digital Designer at Dragons Group Firstly, Jen has a tremendous technical understanding of her work. She designs and codes any web asset that’s required from start to finish, all the while maintaining industry best practices so everything can be hosted with no issue. But beyond the hard skills that are necessary in a designer, her work ethic, dedication, and collaborative attitude mean she’s always willing to help the rest of her team with input, which always improves our work significantly. She’s also very dependable – if she says she’ll finish something,...

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Randi Martin

Senior Recruitment, Accenture Interactive Jennifer is and will also be my “go to” person for any Web design & development projects. She is an experienced professional who can advise, design and produce winning results for her clients. From logo design to full site design and more Jen brings energy, enthusiasm and creative flair to all she does!

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