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Douglas C. Evans

President, CEO, Advancement, Marketing, Entrepreneur I can’t tell you how incredible Jennifer is to work with. Not only have I used her for my personal website work, but have sent her to other non-profit organizations of various budget sizes and complexities. She is a consummate professional and treats each and every client/project with not only respect, but also is responsive to needs both minor and major. Even when asked to trouble shoot someone else’s work when stating with her, there is never an issue. If you are looking for someone to work with in a field crowded with unprofessional...

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Josh Lipschutz

CEO, Related Media LLC Jennifer has a keen, in-depth understanding of the digital landscape and has proven time and time again to display her inter-related design and coding skills. She is passionate and extremely communicative and timely during every aspect of projects we have collaborated on. She brings a wealth of digital experience and comfortable in client-facing roles. I think one thing that separates her from others is her quality of work and attention to detail – it has been simply impeccable.. I have worked with Jennifer for more than 10 years now and remains one of the most...

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Jeffrey Jackson

Principal at Curio Productions, Inc. Jennifer is a true web ninja. She has been my go-to consultant and website architect on several projects and her skill, knowledge and insight never fail to dazzle me. In addition to her prowess, she’s a consummate professional, a clear communicator, and an absolute joy to work with. I can’t recommend her highly enough and if you have the chance to add her to your team, you should grab it.

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Chris Baffa

Head of Creative US, Dragons Group Within minutes of Jennifer walking into our office for the first time, I knew we had a self-motivated, extremely capable creative with an entrepreneurial spirit. I now have the privilege of working with her every day. She is a consummate professional. First one in the office, already deeply immersed in whatever project we were working on. From big branding ideas down to the smallest production task, her work reflects smart, strategic thinking, but is also grounded in common sense narrative. Jennifer also has a fantastic understanding of the digital landscape...

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