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Head of Creative US, Dragons Group

Within minutes of Jennifer walking into our office for the first time, I knew we had a self-motivated, extremely capable creative with an entrepreneurial spirit. I now have the privilege of working with her every day. She is a consummate professional. First one in the office, already deeply immersed in whatever project we were working on. From big branding ideas down to the smallest production task, her work reflects smart, strategic thinking, but is also grounded in common sense narrative.

Jennifer also has a fantastic understanding of the digital landscape proven by her ability to design and fully code any digital asset in record time all while following best practices. Combined with her knack to keep up with industry trends and technology, she brings an A game unmatched by most people in the business. And she’s genuinely a pleasure to work with. Collaborative, passionate, talented. I’d jump at the chance to work with her at any agency.