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Enfamil – Online Competitive Video

Project Overview:
The brand team wanted to produce an online competitive 30 second video asset that directly spoke to Similac. The main point of compare was the fact that Enfamil gives baby the recommended amount of DHA per serving and Similac has less than half. Using the concept of “half” this story came to life. With a 10 day deadline to finish the asset to run in Q3, clear direction, vendor/client management and on-track scheduling were the biggest challenges.
  • Concept/ideation with creative and copy
  • Hire a video vendor to execute 
  • Storyboard concept for handoff
  • Create quality visual assets for usage
  • Manage vendor/client edits and approvals 
  • Deliver on time and in budget

A high performing brand competitive video asset, ahead of tight timeframe and within budget.