K-Y Brand Website Redesign

Project Overview:
The task on this project was to take the current online presence and transform it to bring forward more of the brand voice in playful, targeted manner with a more human/lifestyle vibe. This brand skews more towards women, but also must include men and the goal was to focus on getting users to join in on the conversation of sex and make themselves heard instead of shying away from what has been a “taboo” topic as well as driving sales.
Wires > Visual
This project had two distinct clients with two very different priorities. Both relevant and important. The brand team was focused on conveying the story to the users, the e-comm team was focused on sales. We had to find a way to work with both to create one site to make everyone happy and remain cohesive. Not always an easy task….as often sales driven strategy will hinder creative and vise versa.
Custom Lifestyle Photoshoot:
  • Our process began with a UX review and overhaul.  Team reviews and brainstorming sessions working through Invision wires and low fidelity prototypes.
  • Once wires were approved, the dev team was brought up to speed to go over and uncover any potential road blocks.
  • Wires were converted to visual designs which were shared with both client teams and our development partners.
  • It took several weeks of brainstorming, back and forth and compromise to come to a solid rendition of layout and user flow that met the needs of the client groups.
  • Approved XD files and prototypes were shared with the dev team.
  • A dev site was set up for the build.  This served as a transparent window to follow the progress.  
  • Specified dates were designated for QA and submission of issues. 
  • The process was AGILE with iterative edits on a specified timeline.
  • Over an 8-week span, all details were worked through and we migrated to production for launch.
  • The site continues to follow and agile flow with new feature additions on a rolling basis.

A lifestyle/stage focused Ecomm website experience that drives sales and conveys the story of the brand in an engaging way



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