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MedEdicus CME APP

Project Overview:

MedEdicus develops and implements global continuing medical education (CME) and disease awareness programs for specialty health care providers (HCPs) and practice managers.

The company wished to take the programs that were currently online and repurpose them into an APP that would extend the course audience and make it available via mobile device.

Defining the User Flow
Remapping the online courses for APP workspace

A successful online process provided a solid base for mapping the flow for this medium. Applying mobile best practice and methodology to a fairly stable user journey made this product a perfect example to move to this space and greatly extend the accessibility for a busy on the go professional audience.


An XD prototype was built as a visual guide to travelling through an active program from login to certificate.  An admin was built for the client to add and archive courses as well as managing the user base. In addition, an email list system allows for notifications of upcoming and active courses. 

Program Emails

A robust, mobile friendly means for distributing CME program content to professionals on the go. Push notifications to promote upcoming events which allows the client to expand the audience.