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Celeste M. Simon

President and CEO World Affairs Council of Palm Beach I have worked with Jennifer since 2013. She has set the foundation for my website,  all of my computer  needs –  and  even created my World Affairs Council logo!  She is innovative, technically adept and the consummate professional.  She is always  immediately available to troubleshoot  and  always comes up with solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems.   Jennifer shares her expertise openly and makes you  feel a part of her “computer family”.  I have great regard for Jennifer,  her talent and her generous spirit.  I  highly recommend...

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Kristina Hanford

Owner, Virtual Babysitters Club Jennifer is simply incredible! She helped our business immensely and took the time to answer all of our questions about the process. She enhanced our website by drastically increasing our load time, optimizing the layout and overall customer experience, and seamlessly migrating it from Wix to WordPress when we needed to make the transition. We would recommend Jennifer to any of our friends/colleagues as she is not only great at what she does but is an absolute pleasure to work with! She helped us grow our business in such a short time-frame and we are incredibly...

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Bob Marks

Professional Broadway Vocal Coach, NYC My entire online presence, including my website, newsletters, and most of my printed material is the work of Jennifer LaPeruta. She is my friend, former client, and former stage mother, who is talented in both the visual and technical worlds. I’d be lost without her!

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Enfamil – Online Competitive Video

Enfamil – Online Competitive Video Project Overview: The brand team wanted to produce an online competitive 30 second video asset that directly spoke to Similac. The main point of compare was the fact that Enfamil gives baby the recommended amount of DHA per serving and Similac has less than half. Using the concept of “half” this story came to life. With a 10 day deadline to finish the asset to run in Q3, clear direction, vendor/client management and on-track scheduling were the biggest challenges. Process Concept/ideation with creative and copy Hire a video vendor to...

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TMA – Tradeshow Booth Design

TMA – Tradeshow Booth Design Project Overview The Monitoring Association (TMA), formerly the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA), is an internationally recognized non-profit trade association that represents professional monitoring companies.   They needed a booth designed for ESX, a nation-wide event, open exclusively to the electronic security and life safety industry, the entire ESX Program is designed to allow professionals the ability to learn more, share more, and interact more than ever before. Challenge: This project was all about time. There was none. With less than...

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Sol-Gel Interactive Posters

Sol-Gel Interactive Posters for Online Conference Project Overview: With the challenges of current landscape onsite events have moved to a virtual forum.  When presented to three large scale posters, the ask was to reinvent them into an interactive space that would display content in digestible bites. View Project The Posters Challenge: The biggest challenge with this project was the massive amount of content and details.  It was important to get the UX flow just right to make it easy for the online visitor to find the information they were looking...

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